Our Campaigns

Using over 30 years of experience in solving individual experiences of Furniture Poverty, in June 2015 we launched End Furniture Poverty to campaign nationally and across all types of housing tenure to shine a light on the reality of living in Furniture Poverty and to promote the take up of practical solutions.

Furniture Poverty is a hidden issue that affects millions of low-income households in the UK. Furniture Poverty has many faces. It can mean families are living without adequate furniture and appliances or they have gone into unmanageable levels of debt to buy the basic items they need. For some, the inability to buy basic furniture keeps them trapped in temporary accommodation.

Many households live with the stress of worrying about Furniture Poverty, fearing what would happen when an essential item like their fridge or cooker breaks and there is no money to replace it.

End Furniture Poverty works across sectors to raise awareness of these issues and to become a source of practical help for individuals in need and for professionals.

Visit our End Furniture Poverty website here