Our Social Mission

FRC Group’s vision is of a society where people can obtain good quality, affordable furniture without experiencing the devastating impacts of furniture poverty – no bed to sleep on or unmanageable debts.

Our mission is to reduce and ultimately eradicate furniture poverty. We campaign to raise awareness of furniture poverty and create practical solutions to get furniture to people who need it. Our work also helps create sustainable employment and better futures for people.

Our Objectives are:

  •  To understand and highlight the reality of living in ‘furniture poverty’.
  •  To lobby and campaign for the eradication of ‘furniture poverty’.
  •  To develop and run successful social businesses that tackle furniture poverty.
  •  To train and develop people out of poverty and into sustainable, well paid jobs and careers.
  •  To use our core skills to develop and run successful commercial businesses, using the profits to create social value across FRC Group.